Professional plastic powder production supplier

Guangcai plastic powder is specialized in powder paint research and development, manufacturing, sales in one of the enterprises

Pure color, environmental protection and health

Adhere to the enterprise spirit of "science and technology, service first"

Support personalized color

Can develop and produce products with various properties and different uses

Weather resistant powder coating

such as low molecular weight epoxy compound curing polyester, thermosetting fluororesin powder, acrylic/polyester powder

fine art powder coating

Epoxy polyester powder coatings have their own unique properties and excellent chemical properties.

anticorrosive coating

Epoxy powder coatings are divided into three categories according to the use of function: decorative type, anti-corrosion type, electrical insulation type.

anti-rust powder coating

Electrical products in use not only need good insulation properties, but also need to have a certain degree of flame retardancy to prevent heat or spark burning

Environmentally friendly powder coating

This type of product is manufactured using micro-particle technology, and the powder particles sprayed onto the workpiece are arranged more closely and orderly during the coating process, reducing the thickness of the spray.

Glorious plastic powder colorful world

Guangcai Plastic Powder Colorful World

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