What are the types of powder coatings, powder coating characteristics


In recent years, there are many brands in the domestic paint market, but there are not many brands that are influential nationwide and have won consumer recognition. Powder coating, as an indispensable coating in paint coatings, plays an important role in metal facilities and buildings, because it can prevent corrosion of metals, thereby prolonging the service life of non-ferrous metals. Then, the next small series to introduce the types and characteristics of powder coatings.

Types of powder coatings

Powder coatings are different from general coatings in that they exist in the state of fine powder. Because it does not require a solvent, it is called a powder coating. Powder coating natural harmless, save resources and environmental protection.

Although there are not as many varieties of powder coatings as solvent-based coatings, there are many polymer resins that can be used as powder coatings. Overall can be divided into outdoor and indoor two categories.

Indoor powder coating

1. Pure epoxy powder coating

Pure epoxy powder coating using high molecular weight epoxy resin and curing agent as the main base material made of powder coating products. Good adhesion, impact resistance and surface hardness, toughness, adhesion and other mechanical properties are excellent. High gloss, high leveling, good application effect, good chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, baking temperature is too high, time is too long easy to yellow, can not be used for outdoor products. It is used in steel bars, water pipes, valves, steel cylinders, agricultural machinery, steel structures, mechanical and electrical equipment, instrument shells, motor rotors, and homes, anti-theft doors, industrial equipment, fitness equipment, etc.

2. Epoxy polyester type powder coating

Epoxy polyester powder coating is made of epoxy resin and polyester resin as the main raw material. It has good decoration and thermal stability, and is generally not suitable for outdoor or weather resistance. This product variety, color rich and colorful, including: high light, matt, matt, pattern, wrinkles, metal and other color products. It is used in various hardware accessories, household appliances and medical equipment, automobiles, motorcycles, new energy vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery accessories, chassis cabinets, various furniture, etc. This product is not recommended for outdoor weather-resistant products.

outdoor powder coating

1. Pure polyester powder coating

Pure polyester powder coating is a powder coating designed for outdoor weather resistance requirements, outdoor weather resistance and color stability is very good, widely used in outdoor building materials machines. This product variety, color rich and colorful, light, flat, matte, sand and other products, but also according to customer requirements and design products. It is used in aluminum profiles for construction, automobiles, motorcycles, new energy vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, road barriers, external fitness equipment and competition equipment, and metal surfaces with weather resistance requirements.

Characteristics of powder coatings

1, powder coating does not contain toxicity, does not contain solvents and does not contain volatile substances;

2, the utilization rate of raw materials is high, the utilization rate can reach more than 90%;

3, powder coating can be one-time construction, do not need primer, you can get enough thickness of the coating, simple operation, high production efficiency, can reduce costs;

4, powder coating has good adhesion, good impact resistance and toughness are good, with excellent chemical corrosion resistance and electrical insulation properties;

5, powder coating good storage, convenient.