Overview of Powder Coatings


Powder coating is a solid resin and pigments, fillers and additives composed of solid powder synthetic resin coating. Unlike ordinary solvent-based coatings and water-based coatings, its dispersion medium is not solvent and water, but air. It has the characteristics of no solvent pollution, 100% film formation and low energy consumption. Powder coatings have two categories of thermoplastic and thermosetting. Thermoplastic powder coating film appearance (gloss and leveling) is poor, and the adhesion between the metal is also poor, so less application in the field of automobile coating, automobile coating generally use thermosetting powder coating, thermosetting powder coating is thermosetting synthetic resin as film-forming material, in the process of drying resin first melt, and then after chemical crosslinking curing into a smooth and hard coating. The paint film appearance and various mechanical properties and corrosion resistance can meet the requirements of automobile finishing.

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