How to improve the weather resistance of powder coatings for aluminum profiles


The weather resistance of the powder coating sprayed on the surface of the aluminum profile is the key factor affecting the life of the aluminum profile. This paper mainly from the powder coating raw materials, formula structure, production process, curing conditions and other technical point of view, and combined with the experimental results, summed up several to improve the weather resistance of powder coatings for reference ideas, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the life of aluminum profiles. With the rapid development of the national economy, the outdoor application of powder coatings is becoming more and more common, and people pay more and more attention to the weather resistance and durability of powder coatings, especially for the surface of aluminum profiles, ceilings, curtain wall panels and other outdoor products.

Powder coating is mainly composed of resin, curing agent, additives, pigments and fillers, etc., the coating sprayed on the surface of aluminum profiles with the extension of time, by the surrounding natural factors such as sun, rain, oxidation, cold and heat changes and the role of microorganisms, there will be a gradual decline in performance, that is, aging. The ability of powder coatings to delay natural aging is called natural aging resistance, referred to as aging resistance, also known as weather resistance.

There are many factors that affect the weather resistance of powder coatings, including the performance, dosage, ratio and other internal factors of various raw materials such as resin, curing agent, pigment and filler, additives in the powder coating composition; there are also external factors such as the use of the coating environment such as sunlight (mainly ultraviolet), the composition of the atmosphere (oxygen, ozone, industrial smog, etc.), humidity (including acid rain, salt spray, etc.), temperature changes, etc.

From the point of view of the powder coating itself, the improvement of the weather resistance of the powder coating mainly starts from the raw materials, the formula structure and the production process.